Nikon Metrology XC65Dx(-LS) Digital Cross Scanner


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XC65Dx(-LS) Digital Cross Scanner -  - Nikon Metrology
Leuven, Belgium
XC65Dx(-LS) Digital Cross Scanner
The multi-laser XC65Dx laser scanner captures all 3D details of features, edges, pockets, ribs and freeform surfaces in a single scan. Its entirely digital 3D digitizing operation boosts scanning frequency and drives smart laser intensity adaptation to scan any surface without user interaction. Key benefits: Full 3D capture of complex surfaces and features geometry in a single scan Fast and High accuracy feature measurements Easy measurement preparation Suited for both surface and feature scanning Seamless retrofit with most leading CMM brands
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Technical Specifications

  Nikon Metrology
Product Category CMM Probes
Product Name XC65Dx(-LS) Digital Cross Scanner
Mounting Motorized Index Probe Head
Sensor Type Laser Triangulation
Axes +X; -X; +Y; -Y; +Z; -Z
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