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Compact Digital Micrometer - MF-501 Digimicro - Nikon Metrology
Leuven, Belgium
Compact Digital Micrometer MF-501 Digimicro
The MF-501 is a compact digital micrometer offering flawless contact measurements of dimensions, thickness and depth. It features a measuring length equal to 50mm and accuracy of 1µm at 20° C. Stands are available in ceramic, steel or granite for added stability and a wide variety of probe tips are available to suit most applications. Highlights Measuring length equal to 50mm Accuracy of 1 micron at 20°C Readings as small as 0.1 µm or even 0.01 µm can be made depending on the counter RS-232 and printer output are standard features Dust Bellows Protects the digital micrometer head spindle section from dust and dirt, increasing the lifetime of the equipment. TC-101 Counter More compact and accurate than previous models Smallest readable value is 0.01µm Can be used with old-type digital micrometers and rotary encoders Superior cost performance RS-232C output and printer output are standard features MF-8P Printer Connects to the MF-101 counter and the TC-101; not only prints but performs statistical calculations, judges pass or reject, and creates histograms, all with simple key operations, permitting highly efficient data processing. MFC-101 Counter A compact, single shaft counter for exclusive use with the MF-501 and MF-1001 with display and resolution switching, direction switching, and display unit switching functions. Can be attached to the head or placed outside. RS-232C output and printer output are standard features.
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Technical Specifications

  Nikon Metrology
Product Category Dimensional Gages and Instruments
Product Number MF-501 Digimicro
Product Name Compact Digital Micrometer
Gaging Technology Other; Photoelectric
Accuracy 1 Micron at 20°C
Gage / Instrument Type Depth Gage
Measurement Scale / Units English; Metric
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