Minco Multi-Function Prototype Controller CT425C


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Multi-Function Prototype Controller - CT425C - Minco
Minneapolis, MN, United States
Multi-Function Prototype Controller CT425C
Minco’s CT425 Temperature Controller provides simple, yet quick customization for most controller applications. The CT425 Temperature Controller features three user - configurable outputs, two programmable inputs, and communication via USB . Overview Minco’s CT425 Temperature Controller is a PID temperature controller capable of reading two independent temperature sensors (RTDs). By utilizing an internal solid state relay, logic voltage output, and internal mechanical relay, the controller is fully configurable. S imply connect the CT425 to a laptop or PC to configure . Features Flexible configuration for: Inputs -Utilize one or two Platinum RTDs -Choose 100 or 1000 ohm RTDs (independently programmable) Outputs -Solid state relay -Logic voltage -Mechanical relay -PID - On/Off (mechanical relay only) -Alarm USB and a user - friendly software package allow for easy setup and use 32 - bit microprocessor executes both PID loops simultaneously at individually configurable rates up t o 25 times/second High current capacity internal switching Electrically isolated switching outputs increase high voltage safety AC powered models perform zero - cross detection to reduce switching noise LED indicators provide a quick confirmation of correct sensors input operation
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Temperature Controllers
Product Number CT425C
Product Name Multi-Function Prototype Controller
Control Limit; PID
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