Minco Miniature DC Controller CT325PF2C1


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Miniature DC Controller - CT325PF2C1 - Minco
Minneapolis, MN, United States
Miniature DC Controller CT325PF2C1
The CT325 Miniature DC Temperature Controller is designed for use with Minco Thermofoil™ heaters and RTD or thermistor sensors. It offers inexpensive on /off temperature control of your process or equipment wi th accuracy many times better than bimetal thermostats . Easily read and adjust the set point temperature us ing a voltmeter, then monitor the actual signal tempera ture at the other end. Operating from your 4.75 to 60 vo lt DC power supply, the controller can switch up to 4 amps power to the heater. A bright LED indicates wh en power is applied to the heater. The entire unit is epoxy filled for moisture resist ance, with a through-hole for a mounting bolt. A terminal block provides the power input, sensor input and he ater output connections. Tight control in a small package means that enclosures or panel spaces are not required which allows successful portable device implementation Simple control without complicated programming can reduce set-up time Three-wire RTD connection cancels lead resistance for highly accurate temperature readings Solid state on-off control with adjustable set poin t improves durability compared to electro-mechanical devices Flexible heating control compliments all Minco Thermofoil™ Heaters for convenient off the shelf operation Uses standard 100 Ωor 1000Ω platinum RTD or 50 kΩthermistor sensor input Single DC power source provides power to the controller and heater up to 240 watts
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Product Category Temperature Controllers
Product Number CT325PF2C1
Product Name Miniature DC Controller
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