Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc. PCS Wireless Antenna Distribution System OFW-1900L


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PCS Wireless Antenna Distribution System OFW-1900L
The OFW-1900L is designed to provide full duplex communications signal transmission between a PCS base station and tower mounted antenna via optical cabling. The OFW-1900L system architecture consists of an Antenna Unit located on the tower structure, a Receiver Unit located in a ground based equipment shelter, and optical cable as an interconnect. The OFW-1900L is compatible with PCS Base Station Transceivers and can replace the conventional RF Coax Cables that interconnect the transceivers to their respective antennas. The Low Loss (0.6 dB/km) Optical Fibers permit Transceiver to Antenna separation distance of up to 20 km. The OFW-1900L provides a full duplex RF transmit and receive (including diversity receive) interconnection between the PCS Base Station Antennas and Transceivers. The OFW-1900 PCS Base Station Optical Fiber Waveguide can simultaneously support up to three PCS sectors per subsystem and eliminates the need to install multiple, tower-mounted Heliax Cables. In addition to the cost savings in using a fiber optic interconnect cable versus RF coax cable, wind sheer is greatly reduced allowing for future expansion on the mast of the antenna. This feature facilitates the development of Centralized Multi-Transceiver Distribution System architecture. The integration of the OFW-1900L optically isolates the transceiver equipment from the tower structure thus eliminating the necessity of bonding, grounding, and lighting protection of the uplink and downlink signal lines.
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  Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.
Product Category Telephone Components and Accessories
Product Number OFW-1900L
Product Name PCS Wireless Antenna Distribution System
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