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Power Switching solid state relays 53024
The 53024 is a military SPST solid-state relay. This small, light-weight device is resistant to damage from shock and vibration, and immune to contact-related problems (contamination, arcing) associated with mechanical equivalents. Optical coupling between the input and output stages provides effective isolation up to 1000 volts AC RMS. Power FET outputs eliminate bipolar offset, and minimize output voltage drop. The control logic is TTL and CMOS compatible, and will accommodate bias supplies between 3.8 and 32 VDC. A built-in Schmitt trigger increases noise margin when using the device in the CMOS input mode. This solid-state relay is ideal for use in military systems, or wherever high reliability, low power actuation, and light weight are design considerations. Applications include general purpose signal switching and electronic load control.
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Technical Specifications

  Micropac Industries, Inc.
Product Category Solid State Relays
Product Number 53024
Product Name Power Switching solid state relays
Application Type General
Isolation Voltage 1 kilovolts
Output Voltage Type DC
Input Voltage (Control Signal) Range 3.8 volts
Solid State Relay Type MilSpec
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