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Power Op Amp 42143
The 42143 Power Operational Amplifier designed for military and space applications where radiation tolerance is required. Utilizing multi-chip hybrid construction, the 42143 Power Operational Amplifier combines 2A load current capability with the convenience of a monolithic operational amplifier. Output current limiting is provided using external resistors. The 42143 Power Operational Amplifier is supplied in an 8-pin metal flat package.
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Technical Specifications

  Micropac Industries, Inc.
Product Category Power Operational Amplifiers
Product Number 42143
Product Name Power Op Amp
Output Voltage (VOM) -12 to 12 volts
Operating Temperature -55 to 125 C (-67 to 257 F)
Operating Range Commercial; Military; Satellite/Space Systems
Slew Rate 2 V/µs
Supply Voltage (VS) -22 to 22 volts
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