Micro-Epsilon Group Optical Precision Micrometer optoCONTROL ODC 2520-46(090)

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Optical Precision Micrometer - optoCONTROL ODC 2520-46(090) - Micro-Epsilon Group
Ortenburg, Germany
Optical Precision Micrometer optoCONTROL ODC 2520-46(090)
The optoCONTROL 2520 is a high performance, self contained laser micrometer with integrated controller and many programmable functions. It has a maximum measurement width of 46mm and the transmitter to receiver gap can be up to 2m (further can be achieved with reduction in measurement performance). Unlike current high accuracy micrometers, the optoCONTROL 2520 can have the target positioned at any point in the gap rather than just a small ‚working position‘. This gives the user much more flexibility in use. Small objects with 0.5mm diameter can be reliably detected. RS422, Ethernet / EtherCAT interfaces are available directly from the sensor. For analog outputs, a small DIN rail module is supplied. An intuitive web browser interface is used for viewing and recording measurement values, configuration of sensor parameters and visualization of the sensor video signal. Position target anywhere in measurement field Output multiple measurement values simultaneously Triggering and synchronization of multiple channels Many filtering modes and statistical calculations View video signal via web browser Display of light and dark edges Measures up to 8 segments simultaneously
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Technical Specifications

  Micro-Epsilon Group
Product Category Dimensional Gages and Instruments
Product Number optoCONTROL ODC 2520-46(090)
Product Name Optical Precision Micrometer
Gaging Technology Optical; Non-contact
Gage / Instrument Type Laser micrometer; Gage Block, Master, or Setting Gage; Indicator / Comparator; Micrometer; Laser
Measurement Scale / Units English; Metric
Minimum Graduation / Resolution 3.94E-5 inch (1.00E-3 mm)
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