Micro-Epsilon Group High Speed Laser Micrometer optoCONTROL ODC 2500-35

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High Speed Laser Micrometer - optoCONTROL ODC 2500-35 - Micro-Epsilon Group
Ortenburg, Germany
High Speed Laser Micrometer optoCONTROL ODC 2500-35
optoCONTROL 2500 is a laser thrubeam micrometer with integrated high resolution CCD camera. The high performance data in combination with the very favorable system price define a new level of performance for laser micrometers. Measuring ranges (mm): 34 Linearity max. 0.01mm Resolution max. 1 µm Suitable for both continuous as well as workpiece inspection Excellent price/performance ratio Very compact design Maximum resolution and accuracy High measuring rate
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Technical Specifications

  Micro-Epsilon Group
Product Category Dimensional Gages and Instruments
Product Number optoCONTROL ODC 2500-35
Product Name High Speed Laser Micrometer
Gaging Technology Optical; Non-contact
Accuracy 3 µm
Gage / Instrument Type Laser micrometer; Gage Block, Master, or Setting Gage; Indicator / Comparator; Micrometer; Laser
Measurement Scale / Units English; Metric
Minimum Graduation / Resolution 3.94E-5 inch (1.00E-3 mm)
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