Micro-Epsilon Group induSENSOR LVDT Gaging Sensor DTA-1G8-3-CA-V

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induSENSOR LVDT Gaging Sensor - DTA-1G8-3-CA-V - Micro-Epsilon Group
Ortenburg, Germany
induSENSOR LVDT Gaging Sensor DTA-1G8-3-CA-V
LVDT gauging sensors DTA-xG8 are primarily used for the measurement and inspection of work-piece geometry (length, width, diameter, thickness, depth, height). These new gauges are available in two basic versions: feather or pneumatic. The entire housing has a diameter of 8mm. All gauges include a cable that extends axially from the housing. Due to its special design, this series offers a very attractive price/performance ratio, especially for high volumes.
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Technical Specifications

  Micro-Epsilon Group
Product Category Linear Position Sensors
Product Number DTA-1G8-3-CA-V
Product Name induSENSOR LVDT Gaging Sensor
Sensor Technology Inductive Linear Position Sensor/Switch; LVDT Linear Position Sensor
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