Metso Linear Angle Control Valves


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Linear Angle Control Valves -  - Metso
Shrewsbury, MA, USA
Linear Angle Control Valves
The angle pattern valves are especially suitable for severe application where high pressure drop and erosive fluid exist Features Wide variety of trim options and wide material selection for different application including general and severe process. Contoured plug, special multi drilled and multi staged trim are designed for high pressure drop of both compressible and uncompressible fluid as it enables the flow velocity. Quick change trim and top entry construction for easy in-line maintentance Benefits Erosive fluid can be conditioned through straight to down path. Easy in-line maintenance and valve assembly and self guiding Low cost of ownership and minimized maintenance need Stable process and noise control One piece body to minimize the leak paths and make the valve insensitive to pipe stress
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Product Category Industrial Valves
Product Name Linear Angle Control Valves
Valve Type Control Valve; Angle; Globe
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