Dadanco Induction Diffusers (4-way discharge) IDS


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Induction Diffusers (4-way discharge) - IDS - Dadanco
Westfield, MA, USA
Induction Diffusers (4-way discharge) IDS
DADANCO’s INFFUSERS are quite simply an ‘induction diffuser’ that uses special nozzles located in the underside of the air plenum to mix primary air (ducted from the central air handling plant) with secondary air that is Induced from either the ceiling return air plenum (via *External entrainment) or room (via *Internal entrainment) to increase the total amount of air delivered to the space.
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Product Category Air Diffusers and Grilles
Product Number IDS
Product Name Induction Diffusers (4-way discharge)
Throw Pattern Four Way
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