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SystemVision® conneXion™ (SVX) Multi-Domain, Multi-Tool Simulation -  - Mentor, a Siemens Business
Wilsonville, OR, USA
SystemVision® conneXion™ (SVX) Multi-Domain, Multi-Tool Simulation
Early Integration and Test SystemVision conneXion connects design partitions and teams through virtual integration. SystemVision conneXion (SVX) extends multi-discipline simulation to a whole new level – bringing software into hardware simulation and connecting industry-leading system development tools in a single simulation environment. SystemVision conneXion extends the SystemVision multi-discipline simulation capabilities into a multi-domain, multi-tool environment. SystemVision conneXion Explained Systems of even modest complexity involve many design domains. The multi-discipline (analog, digital, sensor/actuator, and mechanical plant) simulation capabilities of SystemVision provide the foundation for early integration and testing of these disciplines. SystemVision conneXion extends this by connecting multiple domain-specific tools and processes together in a single simulation environment. SVX connects SystemVision, MathWorks Simulink, National Instruments LabVIEW, SystemC, C/C++, Java, and AUTOSAR over a secure, managed signal channel. SVX handles time synchronization, manages data communications, and supports tools distributed across a network. Portions of a system model are simultaneously executed in specialized, domain-specific tools with full communication and control connections between applications. Because a high percentage of design flaws are found at the interfaces where different design technologies meet, SVX reduces program risk with early integration and test across these crucial system boundaries. Capabilities/Clients Languages Software Engineers develop embedded software in C,C++ or Java. Hardware Engineers execute abstract models written in SystemC. Both benefit from integrating together along with algorithms early in the design process. LabVIEW Design and Test Teams work together early in the development flow. Teams use a system virtual prototype for early design verification and test program development. Simulink Design and Control Algorithm Teams work together in a concurrent development flow. Control algorithms are developed and verified well before a physical prototype is available. AUTOSAR Automotive System Designers execute AUTOSAR software early in the design process, and within a virtual platform environment that includes feedback control and sensor/plant/actuato r models.
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  Mentor, a Siemens Business
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Product Name SystemVision® conneXion™ (SVX) Multi-Domain, Multi-Tool Simulation
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