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Sourcery CodeBench - Advanced Software Insight for Embedded Development -  - Mentor, a Siemens Business
Wilsonville, OR, USA
Sourcery CodeBench - Advanced Software Insight for Embedded Development
Sourcery CodeBench Develop with greater insight into your bare-metal and Linux-based embedded systems Sourcery CodeBench goes beyond just the compiler to provide developers with open source, embedded C/C++ development tools to create, debug, optimize, and analyze embedded software on ARM, ColdFire, IA32, MIPS, Power, and other architectures. Sourcery CodeBench Delivers Advanced Software Insight for Embedded Development With Sourcery CodeBench you can develop embedded systems on microcontrollers and microprocessors for bare metal and Linux based applications. The growing complexity of embedded systems requires greater insight into system execution and performance and new approaches to debugging applications. Use Sourcery CodeBench and integrated Sourcery Analyzer to quickly identify and fix functional and performance issues in your complex embedded system. Key Features and Benefits Integrated development environment (IDE) Performance-optimize d GNU compiler Debugging Advanced software insight and analysis Performance-optimize d libraries Simulators and additional utilities Pre-silicon software development Support and updates Professional services Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Eclipse based IDE enabling workspace customization and project management Enhanced source code editor with syntax highlighting Visual debugging with memory, register and disassembly views JTAG probe debug support and easy setup via debug configuration choices Code analysis, formatting and refactoring capabilities Custom board support through Board Builder, a tool for automatically generating linker scripts, debug configuration files, and start-up code based on a board’s memory map Performance Optimized GNU Compiler (GCC) Improve build performance with compile caching Enhanced compilers for improved optimization and reliability Inline assembly support Support for interrupt handling Modifiable linker scripts for advanced code and data placement Reduced application launch time with GNU/Linux prelinker and post processor Reduced memory footprint for GNU/Linux systems by excluding library functions not used by any program.
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  Mentor, a Siemens Business
Product Category Embedded Programming Software
Product Name Sourcery CodeBench - Advanced Software Insight for Embedded Development
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