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Mentor Embedded™ Nucleus ReadyStart™ Enablement Platform -  - Mentor, a Siemens Business
Wilsonville, OR, USA
Mentor Embedded™ Nucleus ReadyStart™ Enablement Platform
Enablement Platform for Developers Nucleus ReadyStart answers the most critical development challenges: Cost and time to market. By providing a single distribution that accelerates fast bring-up of a complete system – and by offering rich board support packages (BSPs) along with Mentor Embedded Sourcery Tools, integrated Inflexion UI, and power management services – software developers are able to create complex, out-of-the-box target platforms instantly. Integrated IDE and Toolchain Nucleus ReadyStart includes Sourcery CodeBench, covering every aspect of embedded development, integrating a GNU-based complier and debugger, with optional JTAG support, all within an Eclipse based IDE. UI integration Create compelling user interfaces, without modifying source code, using Nucleus ReadyStart's built-in Inflexion UI tool: Inflexion UI Express helps developers implement a UI through a drag-and-drop approach, enabling great UIs to be created in a matter of days. Inflexion UI Runtime runs on the target device, executing the UI designs exported from Inflexion UI Express.It can use its own built-in 2D or 2.5D software rendering or OpenGL/ES hardware graphics engine for 2D to 3D effects. Menu-driven UI framework. Inflexion UI incorporates a customizable and extensible menu-driven user interface framework on any electronic device with a graphical display. Create, test and iteratively refine your designs without changing the underlying application code. Modular approach to GUI building, thanks to Inflexion UI's ability to separate application functionality and presentation. Your software engineers can focus on making the product work while UI designers are free to create the best user experience. Nucleus ReadyStart Features Product Features System and application workflows Fully integrated “ready-to-use” approach Based on secure and stable RTOS kernel Broad support for hardware: MCU, DSP, FPGA, MPU Comprehensive middleware offerings Toolchain integration with Sourcery tools UI integration with Inflexion UI Runtime and UI Express Benefits Fast and easy design configuration: Single, unified source tree and make-based build system make it easy to build simple to complex systems – fast Fast, out-of-the-box bring-up: Highly integrated design environment and BSP interface significantly reduces bring-up time Complete tool integration: Design with confidence using Sourcery Tools in all phases of development UI differentiation: Inflexion UI integration makes it easy to design a UI that sets the user experience apart from the competition
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  Mentor, a Siemens Business
Product Category Embedded Programming Software
Product Name Mentor Embedded™ Nucleus ReadyStart™ Enablement Platform
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