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Microscope EMZ-8TR
The EMZ-8TR is a Microscope from Meiji. The microscope is a crucial tool in many industries. Professionals working in the fields of health care, biology, chemistry, technology, electronics, and environmental science use microscopes for many types of applications. Microscopes enable high-resolution viewing of an object magnified to many times its actual size. Additional Features: Meiji's most popular trinocular microscope head 0.7x-4.5 zoom range 104mm working distance Rotatable through 360° Binocular or trinocular format Optional detent click stops Includes: LCD monitor, 4 ETHER-BANTUM cables, Nm-COAXm cable, DB9 cable, and stand. The EMZ-8TR stereo head Meiji's most popular stereo zoom microscope head. It is to trinocular what the EMZ is to binocular. A good quality workhorse for industry ad education that can be relied on to last a lifetime with zero defects. The parfocal zoom range is 7x-45x (10x eyepieces) with dual-sided zoom controls. The field of view is 32mm-5.1mm with 10x eyepieces and the standard working distance is marginally longer then the EMZ5 at 104mm. The head is inclined 45° and includes interpupillary adjustment of 54mm-75mm. There are dual +/-5 diopters for convenient individual eye focusing. The head rotates through 360° for flexible viewing positions.
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  ValueTronics International, Inc.
Product Category Microscopes
Product Number EMZ-8TR
Product Name Microscope
Application Biological / Life Sciences
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