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Silverthin Bearing SB Series - Type X
The X-Type, or 4-point contact, ball bearing is ideal for moment loading. X-Type bearings are designed with gothic arch raceways creating 4 contact points between the balls and the raceways. This design is excellent for moment loading and reversing axial loading. The X-Type bearing can be used for other light loading conditions, but is not recommended in place of the C- or A-Type bearing for pure radial loads. When specifying this type of bearing for use with axial or moment loads combined with radial loads application speed (rpm) is a real concern. Please contact SilverThin engineering for information on combined load and limiting speeds.
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Technical Specifications

  National Precision Bearing, Inc.
Product Category Ball Bearings
Product Name Silverthin Bearing SB Series - Type X
Dynamic Axial 1135 to 4852 lbs (515 to 2200 kg)
Design Units Inch
Type Four Point Contact
Outer Ring Width 0.3125 inch (7.937 mm)
Static Radial 2344 to 20623 lbs (1063 to 9353 kg)
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