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Sound Quality
Studies have established this fact: Consumers identify sound as a major criterion in impressions of the overall quality of a product. Another fact: Sound quality has been important to the automotive industry for decades, and is now also a primary concern for manufacturers of consumer appliances, office equipment, power tools, marine equipment, off-highway construction vehicles, farm equipment and other products. Achieving desirable sound quality is a much more sophisticated process than simply determining that a measured sound is "too loud". This engineering process goes far beyond basic sound level analysis. It requires tools that can identify key characteristics of the sound that correlate to consumer perceptions of quality. These tools must be able to identify those aspects of the design that can be modified to eliminate specific, objectionable sounds and yet retain appropriate, desirable sounds. Those tools are part of the Sound Quality software product. Sound Quality software gives you tools for recording, analyzing, auditioning, dissecting and synthesizing sounds. It enables you to set objective and achievable quality targets for your products, specified in engineering terms.
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  MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies Limited
Product Category Modeling and Simulation Software
Product Name Sound Quality
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