Maxim Integrated High-Accuracy PWM Output Temperature Sensors MAX6667


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High-Accuracy PWM Output Temperature Sensors - MAX6667 - Maxim Integrated
San Jose, CA, USA
High-Accuracy PWM Output Temperature Sensors MAX6667
The MAX6666/MAX6667 are high-accuracy, low-cost, low-power temperature sensors with a single-wire output. The MAX6666/MAX6667 convert the ambient temperature into a ratiometric PWM output with temperature information contained in the duty cycle of the output square wave. The MAX6666 has a push-pull output and the MAX6667 has an open-drain output. The MAX6666/MAX6667 operate at supply voltages from +3V to +5.5V. The typical unloaded supply current at 5.0V is 200µA. Both devices feature a single-wire output that minimizes the number of pins necessary to interface with a microprocessor (µP). The output is a square wave with a nominal frequency of 35Hz (±20%) at +25°C. The output format is decoded as follows: Temperature (°C) = 235 - (400 × t1)/t2 Where t1 is fixed with a typical value of 10ms and t2 is modulated by the temperature (Figure 1 in the full data sheet). The MAX6666/MAX6667 operate from -40° to +125° and are available in space-saving SOT23 packages.
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Technical Specifications

  Maxim Integrated
Product Category Sensor Chips
Product Number MAX6667
Product Name High-Accuracy PWM Output Temperature Sensors
Operating Temperature -40 to 125 C (-40 to 257 F)
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