Maxim Integrated Digital Thermometer and Thermostat in SOT23 DS1775


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Digital Thermometer and Thermostat in SOT23 - DS1775 - Maxim Integrated
San Jose, CA, USA
Digital Thermometer and Thermostat in SOT23 DS1775
The DS1775 digital thermometer and thermostat is offered in a tiny 5-pin SOT-23 package and provides ±2°C accuracy over a -10°C to +85°C range. Thermometer data is read out over a 2-wire serial bus in 2's complement format with 9 to 12 bits of resolution (user-programmable). The DS1775 is available with eight different hard-wired addresses, allowing up to eight DS1775 devices to operate on the same bus. The eight versions of the DS1775 are: Part Number Address DS1775R 000 DS1775R1 001 DS1775R2 010 DS1775R3 011 DS1775R4 100 DS1775R5 101 DS1775R6 110 DS1775R7 111 The DS1775 offers thermostatic functionality with over-temperature (TOS) and under-temperature (THYST) user-programmable trip-points stored in on-chip SRAM. The two trip-points provide programmable thermostat hysteresis: the thermostat output is asserted when the measured temperature exceeds TOS and it remains active until the temperature falls below THYST. The DS1775 is functionally compatible with the DS75 and the LM75.
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  Maxim Integrated
Product Category Sensor Chips
Product Number DS1775
Product Name Digital Thermometer and Thermostat in SOT23
Operating Temperature -55 to 125 C (-67 to 257 F)
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