Maxim Integrated Digital Thermometer and Thermostat DS1721


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Digital Thermometer and Thermostat - DS1721 - Maxim Integrated
San Jose, CA, USA
Digital Thermometer and Thermostat DS1721
The DS1721 digital thermometer and thermostat features ±1°C accuracy over a -10°C to +85°C range. Thermometer data is read out over a 2-wire serial bus in 2's complement format with 9 to 12 bits of resolution (user-programmable). The DS1721 features three address inputs, allowing users to multidrop up to eight DS1721 devices on one bus. The DS1721 offers thermostatic functionality with over-temperature (TH) and under-temperature (TL) user-programmable trip-points stored in on-chip SRAM. The two trip-points provide programmable thermostat hysteresis: the thermostat output is asserted when the measured temperature exceeds TH and it remains active until the temperature falls below TL. The DS1721 is available in 150mil 8-pin SO (DS1721S) and 8-pin µMAX/µSOP (DS1721U) packages. For applications requiring higher precision, the DS1631 provides ±0.5°C accuracy and is functionally compatible with the DS1721.
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Technical Specifications

  Maxim Integrated
Product Category Sensor Chips
Product Number DS1721
Product Name Digital Thermometer and Thermostat
Operating Temperature -55 to 125 C (-67 to 257 F)
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