Materion Corporation Beryllium - x-ray IS-50M


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Mayfield Heights, OH, USA
Beryllium - x-ray IS-50M
Materion Electrofusion is a trusted supplier providing customers with reliable and high-performance products based on years of engineering expertise. Characteristics of our Beryllium IS-50M include: Surface Quality: Material shall be uniform in quality and condition, clean, sound, and free from foreign materials and from internal and external imperfections detrimental to fabrication or to performance of parts. Surface Finish: The surface finish of standard sheet shall be 63 micro-inches Ra or better. Various thicknesses may be available in different surface finishes. Please consult Materion Electrofusion for availability. Thickness Tolerances: 0.020 - 0.025 in +/- 0.002 in 0.026 - 0.055 in +/ - 0.003 in 0.056 - 0.075 in +/- 0.004 in 0.076 - 0.125 in +/- 0.006 in
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Technical Specifications

  Materion Corporation
Product Category Metal Shapes and Stock
Product Number IS-50M
Product Name Beryllium - x-ray
Type Beryllium; Refractory / Reactive; Pure, Unalloyed or Very Low Alloy Additions
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