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Mayfield Heights, OH, USA
Electronic Materials E-40
Electronic Materials E-40 materials are used as laminated, multi-chip modules in satellites, as heat sinks and in avionics of F-22, F-16, and F-18 tactical fighters. Along with thermal cycle reliability over a broad temperature range, Electronic Materials E-40’s high elastic modulus helps absorb vibrations, and lowering material fatigue of attached modules and wire bonds. Electronic Materials E-40 has high thermal conductivity and thermal expansion. Electronic Materials E-40’s thermal expansion can match other materials, silicon and gallium arsenide chips, as well as various ceramics. Electronic Materials E-40 is produced by impact grinding followed by then hot isostatic pressing. Once in block form, the material is is then sliced into cards, sawn to required shape, polished, machined and optionally plated.
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Technical Specifications

  Materion Corporation
Product Category Metal Extrusions
Product Number E-40
Product Name Electronic Materials
Type Metal; Non-ferrous
Applications Electronics or semiconductors
Processing, Temper & Finish Wrought; Extruded
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