Materion Corporation Beryllium Acoustics Acoustics Domes and Ribbons


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Mayfield Heights, OH, USA
Beryllium Acoustics Acoustics Domes and Ribbons
When compared to other commercially-availab le materials, Truextent©SSX™ pure beryllium domes undoubtedly yield the finest sounding compression drivers, and with the mechanical power handling capability of titanium or aluminum. Truextent© beryllium domes are also found in the highest performing consumer audio applications. Beryllium has the highest stiffness to density ratio of all commercial driver dome materials. This allows diaphragm assemblies to have a lower overall mass, greatly improving the responsiveness while maintaining rigidity over a wide frequency range. Consequently, the “breakup” associated with the mechanical deformation of traditional domes at their resonate frequencies is eliminated.
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  Materion Corporation
Product Category Metal Shapes and Stock
Product Number Acoustics Domes and Ribbons
Product Name Beryllium Acoustics
Type Beryllium; Refractory / Reactive; Pure, Unalloyed or Very Low Alloy Additions
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