Master Bond, Inc. One Component, Biocompatible UV Curable Adhesive UV10Med

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One Component, Biocompatible UV Curable Adhesive - UV10Med - Master Bond, Inc.
Hackensack, NJ, USA
One Component, Biocompatible UV Curable Adhesive UV10Med
Master Bond UV10Med is a one component, UV curable system that fully meets USP Class VI specifications. This low viscosity, optically clear system is a superior adhesive, sealant and coating and is castable beyond 1/8" thick. The cured system has good chemical resistant properties particularly to sterilants. It has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, particularly glass and optically clear plastics. The electrical insulation properties of UV10Med are superior to many other UV systems. Service temperature range is -60 to 250°F. Unlike some other UV curable products, the low viscosity Master Bond UV10Med is not inhibited by air and exhibits a desirable fast curing rate at ambient temperatures even at section thickness greater than 1/16". Cure time depends on the type of UV lamp, the wave lengths and the amounts of the emitted UV radiation, distance of the lamp from the top surface of the UV10Med, the thickness of the section to be cured, etc. Typical cure times range from as little as 5-10 seconds to 2-3 minutes at ambient temperatures. 200 watt/inch medium pressure mercury vapor lamps or equivalent UV light sources are recommended. Maximum UV absorption takes place in the 280-360 nanometer range. No solvents or other vapors are released during the curing process which takes place with minimal shrinkage from the liquid to the solid state. The storage stability of the UV10Med system is 3 months under usual storage conditions e.g. 70°F, in original, unopened containers. The performance profile of the UV10Med system makes it highly desirable for many medical device manufacturing applications.
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Technical Specifications

  Master Bond, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Sealants
Product Number UV10Med
Product Name One Component, Biocompatible UV Curable Adhesive
Viscosity 1200 to 1500 cP
Use Temperature -60 to 250 F (-51 to 121 C)
Transmission 95 to ? %
Tensile (Break) 4000 to ? psi (27579 to ? KPa)
Thermal Conductivity ? to 0.0290 W/m-K (? to 0.0168 BTU-ft/hr-ft²-F)
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