Master Bond, Inc. High Temperature Resistant, Toughened Epoxy EP125

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High Temperature Resistant, Toughened Epoxy - EP125 - Master Bond, Inc.
Hackensack, NJ, USA
High Temperature Resistant, Toughened Epoxy EP125
Master Bond Polymer System 125 is a two component toughened epoxy resin for prolonged service above 500°F with truly outstanding chemical resistance. High strength bonds serviceable up to 600°F can be obtained with this exceptionally thermally stable and chemically resistant epoxy resin compound. These bonds retain their pertinent physical strength and chemical resistance properties after prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Typical lap shear strength are in the order of 2400-2500psi at ambient temperatures. After heat aging for 1000 hours at 500°F slightly less than 50% of the original bond strength are retained. Castings exhibit flexural strength of as high as 15,000psi and flexural moduli of more than 500,000psi. Master Bond Polymer System EP125 features excellent resistance to a remarkably wide range of chemicals including boiling acids, alkalis, salts, fuels and most organic solvents. Adhesion to metals, ceramics and almost all plastics is excellent. Master Bond Polymer System EP125 is recommended for bonding, casting, laminating and sealing applications where exceptional long term resistance to heat and aggression.
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Technical Specifications

  Master Bond, Inc.
Product Category Insulating Varnishes and Impregnating Resins
Product Number EP125
Product Name High Temperature Resistant, Toughened Epoxy
Viscosity 250000 to 500000 cP
Composition Two Component  ; Unfilled
Use Temperature -80 to 600 F (-62 to 316 C)
Dielectric Strength 400 to 450 kV/in (157 to 177 kV/cm)
Form / Shape Grease, Paste; Powder
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