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Burlington, ON, Canada
Roofing and Flashing
Mars Metal provides sheet lead conforming to Federal QQ-L-201F and QQ-L-171E (and ASTM B-29 and B-749). Made from 98% recyclable material, sheet lead is the most malleable of common metals and can be easily shaped, formed, bend and cut to suit a variety of applications, including lead roofing and flashing. Over 70 tons of sheet lead in stock in various sizes are available for immediate shipping! FEATURES & BENEFITS Longevity Lead lasts an average of more than three times longer than other roofing and flashing products. Lead is resistant to corrosion from the atmosphere, salt water, most natural chemicals, and and UV degradation. Lead is recyclable and can be re-used. Flexibility Sheet lead can be tightly dressed around junctions and penetrations and is the only material that can protect these areas from water penetration. Lead is able to cope with wide ranging temperature fluctuations, and its malleability ensures no cracking. Installation Sheet lead installation is not impacted by damp or cold weather conditions.
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Product Category Metal Shapes and Stock
Product Name Roofing and Flashing
Type LowMelting; Lead
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