Marposs Corp Coolant Flow Sensors FLS

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Coolant Flow Sensors - FLS - Marposs Corp
Auburn Hills, MI, United States
Coolant Flow Sensors FLS
DESCRIPTION The cooling lubricant is a fluid for cooling and lubricating the tool. It can be used to prevent overheating of the workpiece or the tool during machining (and resulting damage up to destroying it). Lubrication contributes to effective machining and chips are flushed away. The effect of the coolant is closely linked to the flow rate. If the optimized use of the cooling lubricant is disturbed, quality defects are possible. Artis FLS sensors quickly detect a malfunction of the process component so that early intervention avoids associated follow-up costs, e.g. caused by scrap parts or increased tool wear. Especially in deep hole drilling processes with small shank diameters, this type of monitoring reliably detects tool wear or breakage as well as chip clamping. Thanks to intelligent strategies, Artis evaluation systems solve problems with chip jams without requiring operator intervention. BENEFITS Frequent sampling rate Temperature stability High repeatability Able to measure very low volume changes (example – internal cooling of deep-hole drills) Integration into the Artis tool and process monitoring systems CTM (CFM-4) and GENIOR MODULAR (GEMGP) Wide variety of possible flow rates and pressures IP 67 protection degree TECH SPECS Artis FLS cooling lubricant flow sensors are suitable for viscous liquids and self-lubricating media (soaps, pastes, emulsions with non-abrasive character) and have a voltage signal output from 0 to 10 V.
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  Marposs Corp
Product Category Liquid Flow Meters
Product Number FLS
Product Name Coolant Flow Sensors
Meter Type Volumetric Flow Meter
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