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Cincinnati, OH, USA
ATOM Swingbeam Clicker Presses
ATOM Swing Arm Clicker Presses are the most widely used die cutting machines in the world. ATOM has over 70 years of experience manufacturing clicker presses, and with thousands of machines sold, is considered the world’s leading producer. The constant attention to customer’s feedback has allowed them to produce a product able to satisfy the needs of reliability, productivity & energy savings. The ATOM Clicker Press is the ideal solution for die cutting sheets of material with small cutting dies. To guarantee maximum visibility of the material, the swing beam can be easily moved left-right by the operator in order to collect the die cut pieces and re-position the tool for the next cut. The ATOM press is quite simple to operate; simply place the sheet of material onto the cutting pad attached to the base of press, position the tool, cycle the two-hand push button controls (3/10 second delay for optimal safety) & the beam descends under hydraulic pressure, cuts the shape, and returns to the desired height setting. The ATOM clicker presses are most commonly used for cutting leather & footwear, gaskets, foam & rubber, plastics, textiles and similar materials. The main features to consider while evaluating a swing arm clicker press are: Structural features, such as the cutting power, size of the cutting table and of the cutting platen. Control systems such as the power setting, the fine tuning of the stroke end, and the devices that make the arm easier to move.
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  Manufacturers Supplies Co.
Product Category Die Cutters and Die Cutting Machines
Product Name ATOM Swingbeam Clicker Presses
Capacity 8 to 25 tons (7.26 to 22.68 metric tons)
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