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Cincinnati, OH, USA
ATOM Flashcut Knife Cutting Table 888 M25
The ATOM Flashcut 888 M25 Inclined Knife Cutting Table is the ideal dieless leather cutting solution with an excellent balance between performance & price. Thanks to the wider working surface (800mm x 2500mm), alternating the cutting with the nesting process, the M25 is the optimal dieless solution for leather & textile cutting in the shoe and leather garment industries. The operator can easily access the full working surface thanks to the canti-lever beam architecture and inclined working surface. The high brightness overhead projection system is ideal for the layout and identification of the piece codes during the off-loading process. The excellent price-performance ratio is a valid topic for footwear industry interested in automating the cutting process with the right investment. The M25 knife cutting table is extremely versatile thanks to the powerful multi-tool cutting head which accepts all the tools in the ATOM range. In particular, the pneumatic knife chuck for cutting thick leather, shank board and multi-layer textile materials. In addition to the traditional shoe & leather goods components commonly cut on the 888 series, the ATOM Flashcut M25 is the ideal dieless knife cutting machine for gaskets in their various forms (tang graphite included), foams and laminated foams (up to 25mm in thickness), rubber and it’s by-products, technical textiles and composites, adhesive laminates and similar materials.
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Product Category Flatbed Cutters
Product Number 888 M25
Product Name ATOM Flashcut Knife Cutting Table
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