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Traralgon, Australia
Aircraft Airvan 8
Designed and manufactured for rugged terrains and short, semi-prepared airstrips, the Airvan 8 was created with simplicity and economics in mind. It is easy to load, fly and maintain. Innovative design details set the Airvan 8 apart from its competitors and make the operation of the aircraft safer and less complicated. Available with either a normally aspirated or turbocharged Lycoming engine, the Airvan 8 has unbeatable economic performance. With a cost-per-seat mile of only $0.15 (or $0.17 with the turbocharged engine),* the Airvan 8 leads the industry in value – beating the operating costs of comparable six- seaters. And with its full-fuel payload of more than 1,300 pounds (590 kg), the Airvan 8 blows the carrying capacity of competitors out of the water. *Calculated with a fuel price of $5.75 USD per U.S. gallon. Rugged Build Developed to handle rugged terrain, the Airvan 8 is ideal for operators in remote areas. The Airvan 8’s high lift wing, rugged all spring-steel undercarriage, high flotation tires and excellent propeller ground clearance equip the Airvan 8 to operate from short, semi-prepared strips with ease. 41.5” Sliding Door The Airvan 8’s easy-to-operate sliding door allows clear access to the cabin with the flaps up or down. The floor height is perfect for hassle-free loading and unloading from a pickup truck or SUV. Certified for in-flight operation, the sliding door allows the Airvan 8 to be used in a number of operational roles, such as skydiving, aerial photography, supply dropping, and many military and law enforcement tasks. Panoramic Windows The twelve windows in the Airvan 8 provide the pilot and passengers with outstanding visibility. Each passenger seat has an accompanying window. In the cockpit, panoramic large windows enhance the pilot’s visibility. Low-Cost Maintenance The Airvan 8 is manufactured to keep maintenance costs at a minimum. Traditional high-maintenance and high-wearing parts, such as oleo-struts and flap tracks, have been eliminated and replaced with simpler and smarter solutions. Avionics systems are built into modular installations with easy access, to make field service a simple affair. All sheet metal, both internal and external, is thoroughly primed and corrosion-proofed. The definition of versatility With customizable items, including quick-release seat, cargo net and workstation mounting points, you can rapidly change cabin configuration to meet the requirements of any mission. Skydiving: Comfortably fit up to eight parachutists. In-flight door operation. Passenger Transport: Seven forward-facing passenger seats. Freight: Floor height ideal for loading cargo. Optional cargo pod available. Special Missions: Economical, long-loiter special missions platform. Recreational: Fit the whole family and all of your adventure gear. Humanitarian Aid: STOL capabilities for rugged, short bush strips. Specifications Wingspan: 12.41 m (40 ft 8.6 in) Length: 8.95 m (29 ft 4.3 in) Height: 3.89 m (12 ft 9.0 in) Wing Area: 18.75 m2 (208 ft2) Wing Loading: 96.75 kg/m2 (19.2 lb/ft2) Optional Cargo Pod Capacity: 0.53 m3 (18 ft3) Seats: 8 Normally Aspirated Turbocharged Maximum Useful Load 783 kg (1,725 lb ) 828 kg (1,826 lbs) Typical Cruise Speed 240 kph (130 ktas) 250 kph (135 ktas) Fuel Burn at Typical Cruise 57 litres/hr (15 gph) 68 litres/hr (18 gph) Range at Typical Cruise 1,011 km (546 nm) 1,050 km (567 nm) Maximum Endurance 8.5 hrs @ 40% power 8.2 hrs @ 40% power Certified Ceiling 4,420 m (14,500 ft) 6,096 m (20,000 ft) Engine Lycoming IO-540-K1A5 300 hp Lycoming TIO-540-AH1A 320 hp Propeller Hartzell 2-Blade or 3 blade (optional) Hartzell 3-Blade
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