Mad City Labs, Inc. Inverted Optical Microscope RM21™

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Inverted Optical Microscope - RM21™ - Mad City Labs, Inc.
Madison, WI, United States
Inverted Optical Microscope RM21™
The RM21™ is a versatile microscope suitable for a variety of advanced microscopy and nanoscopy methods. The RM21™ is available in 4 standard configurations (see tables) to satisfy a wide range of applications and budgets. The tables below compare methods and features for the four available models. All RM21™ microscopes have been engineered for precision alignment and stability, essential elements for advanced microscopy techniques. The targeted microscopy methods routinely employ closed loop piezo nanopositioners and all RM21™ microscopes include Mad City Labs industry leading piezo nanopositioning systems. Unlike conventional optical microscopes, RM21™ microscopes allow direct access to the optical pathway. This access enables users to employ a variety of microscopy methods using the same central instrument. RM21™ microscopes are compatible with 30mm and 60mm cage systems and are designed for use on a standard optical table. This feature makes it convenient to use a variety of off-the-shelf optical components. The RM21™ is not only suitable for advanced microscopy methods, but also AFM integration and optical tweezers. Please contact our sales engineers to fully explore the possibilities of the RM21™ microscopes. Applications Fluorescence Microscopy Single Molecule Imaging Super Resolution Microscopy AFM/SPM Optical and Magnetic Tweezers
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Technical Specifications

  Mad City Labs, Inc.
Product Category Microscopes
Product Number RM21™
Product Name Inverted Optical Microscope
Illumination / Electron Emission Type Köhler
Microscope Type Fluorescent; Inverted; Scanning Probe / Atomic Force
Remote Interface Computer Interface; Serial Interface; Application Software Included.
Grade Research
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