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Kalmar, Sweden
Gold Plated Molybdenum Wire
The characteristics of gold plated molybdenum wire makes it suitable for different electronic applications. Besides reasons like protection against corrosion another cause for gold plating is to achieve good electrical contact and also an improved wettability for soldering. Gold plated molybdenum wire is a good alternative where you would like your plated wire, at a given wire dimension, to be less heavy than for tungsten. Another product feature that is different to tungsten is the better ductility for gold plated molybdenum wire. Standard gold coat thickness is 3-5% by weight. For a dimension range of 0.015 – 0.150mm this corresponds to a gold coat thickness of 0.1 – 0.8 micron. Upon request we also manufacture gold plated molybdenum wire with non-standard coat thicknesses, like for example 1 or 2 micron. Our plating technology is constantly improved and this work is facilitated by the fact that we are also designing our own plating equipment. This allows us to meet our customers demand for a well adhesive and dense gold coat with uniform thickness. Our modern scanning electron microscope is an example of an instrument that allows us to confirm the continuous improvements of our manufacturing technologies. Luma gold plated molybdenum wire is available in the dimension range 0.015 – 0.2 mm (0.00059 – 0.00787′). Examples of applications; Antennas, Connectors and Electronic tubes
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  Luma-Metall AB
Product Category Metal Shapes and Stock
Product Name Gold Plated Molybdenum Wire
Width / OD 5.91E-4 to 0.0079 inch (0.0150 to 0.2000 mm)
Type Molybdenum; Refractory / Reactive
Applications Electronics or semiconductors; Antennas, Connectors, Electronic Tubes
Processing, Temper & Finish Coated / Painted; Polished; Etched
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