Lubritek, Inc. Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant w/ Needle Appl.


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Chandler, AZ, USA
Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant w/ Needle Appl.
Dri-Slide® Weapons Lubricant has been proven to be an effective weapons lubricant under the harsh battle conditions of Iraq, Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf War, and Viet Nam*. Proven under these extreme conditions where failure can mean the difference between life and death, Dri-Slide’s effectiveness as a weapons lubricant for law enforcement officers is unmatched. When used in place of oily lubricants, Dri-Slide® Weapons Lubricant promotes smooth, reliable, jam-free operation. Applied wet, the liquid carrier evaporates leaving a dry lubricant as well as rust and corrosion inhibitors bonded to the metal surfaces of the weapon. As a result, blowing dirt, sand, and dust won’t stick; even a weapon dropped in sand will continue to operate. Dri-Slide® provides long-lasting dry film protection, outlasts oily lubricants, repels moisture, prevents rust and corrosion, promotes a clean bore and jam-free operation. Dri-Slide® is also effective for rejuvenating balky weapons. Apply Dri-Slide® Weapons Lubricant to trigger groups, bolt carriers, operating rods, slides, magazines, and barrels of pistols. Dri-Slide® is especially effective for internal parts operating at high speeds and temperatures, such as the bolt of an automatic rifle.
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  Lubritek, Inc.
Product Category Solid and Dry Film Lubricants
Product Name Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant w/ Needle Appl.
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