Lubritek, Inc. Dri-Slide® Bike-Aid Lubricant®


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Chandler, AZ, USA
Dri-Slide® Bike-Aid Lubricant®
A versatile penetrating formula of Technical Fine grade Molybdenum disulfide (Moly) and Graphite with rust and corrosion inhibitors. Bike-Aid® goes on wet, creeping into the smallest spaces, and then stays on dry. It is the motorcycle and bicycle technicians’ preferred lubricant for lubricating control cables as well as quick release nuts, derailleur cables, shift controls, and brake pivot points.Bike-Aid® is dry, not oily, so it will not attract dirt, dust, or sand. It won’t “sling off” chains as will common oil and grease, and resists being washed off by water, (a strong solvent is needed to do this).
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  Lubritek, Inc.
Product Category Solid and Dry Film Lubricants
Product Name Dri-Slide® Bike-Aid Lubricant®
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