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Dongan-gu Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
LS Ultracapacitor (Supercapacitor) is promising energy storage device that positioned between conventional electrolytic capacitor and rechargeable batteries. High power, high energy and long-term reliability feature of LS Ultracapacitor (Supercapacitor) enable this component to use in various applications as backup power unit, auxiliary power unit, instantaneous power compensation, peak power compensation and energy storage as well. Rated Voltage: up to 2.8 V High Power Performance (vs. Battery) High Energy Performance (vs. Capacitor) Environment-friendly Maintenance-free Wide operating temperature range (-40 °C ~ 60 °C) Low internal resistance Balancing and Over voltage Protection of Individual Cell Easy build-up design for High voltage module Efficient Heat transfer to outside
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  LS Mtron Ltd.
Product Category Capacitors
Product Name Ultracapacitors
Technology Ultracapacitor
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