Lovibond® Tintometer® Comparator 2000+ Sewage and Domestic Effluents


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Comparator 2000+ - Sewage and Domestic Effluents - Lovibond® Tintometer®
Amesbury, United Kingdom
More than 400 different test discs are available Compensation for coloured and turbid samples Guaranteed constancy of the coloured glass standards Integrated prism With its accessories, the Lovibond Comparator system 2000 is an extremely versatile, modular system for testing water. It is simple to use yet is uncompromising in terms of precision and reproducibility of results. It is compact and portable. The integrated prism brings the glass standards of the test discs and the coloured sample into the same field of view.
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Technical Specifications

  Lovibond® Tintometer®
Product Category Water Quality Photometers and Colorimeters
Product Number Sewage and Domestic Effluents
Product Name Comparator 2000+
Measured Parameter Sulfide
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