Littelfuse, Inc. Standard Bidirectional SIDACs K1500E70

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Standard Bidirectional SIDACs - K1500E70 - Littelfuse, Inc.
Chicago, IL, United States
Standard Bidirectional SIDACs K1500E70
The SIDAC is a silicon bilateral voltage triggered switch. Upon application of a voltage exceeding the SIDAC breakover voltage point, the SIDAC switches on through a negative resistance region to a low on-state voltage. Conduction continues until the current is interrupted or drops below the minimum holding current of the device.SIDACs feature glass-passivated junctions to ensure a rugged and dependable device capable of withstanding harsh environments.Feature sAC Circuit Oriented Triggering Voltage of 79V to 330V RoHS CompliantApplication sSuitable for high voltage power supplies, natural gas igniters, high-pressure Sodium lamps, and Xenon flash ignition.
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Sidac, 170V, To-92; Breakover Voltage Vbo Min Littelfuse - 11J9127 - Newark, An Avnet Company
Chicago, IL, United States
Sidac, 170V, To-92; Breakover Voltage Vbo Min Littelfuse 11J9127
SIDAC, 170V, TO-92; Breakover Voltage Vbo Min:140V; Breakover Voltage Vbo Max:170V; Breakover Current Max.:10µA; Peak Forward Current:-; Diac / Sidac Case Style:TO-92; No. of Pins:2Pins; Product Range:-; Current It av:10µA RoHS Compliant: Yes
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Thyristors - DIACs, SIDACs - K1500E70-ND - Digi-Key Electronics
Thief River Falls, MN, USA
Thyristors - DIACs, SIDACs K1500E70-ND
SIDAC 140-170V 1A TO92
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Technical Specifications

  Littelfuse, Inc. Newark, An Avnet Company Digi-Key Electronics
Product Category Thyristors Thyristors Thyristors
Product Number K1500E70 11J9127 K1500E70-ND
Product Name Standard Bidirectional SIDACs Sidac, 170V, To-92; Breakover Voltage Vbo Min Littelfuse Thyristors - DIACs, SIDACs
Package Type TO-92; TO-92 TO-92; TO-226-2, TO-92-2 (TO-226AC)
Operating Temperature -40 to 125 C (-40 to 257 F)
Thyristor Type SCR; Sidac Diac Diac; Sidac
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