Light in Motion LLC Surface Mount Miniature Phototransistor QTLP660CPD

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Surface Mount Miniature Phototransistor - QTLP660CPD - Light in Motion LLC
Milpitas, CA, USA
Surface Mount Miniature Phototransistor QTLP660CPD
Description: The QTLP660CIR is a Phototransistor in a SMD package with a dome shaped lens improving the focus of the received electromagnetic waves onto the light sensitive surface resulting in improved sensitivity and high speed responses. Available in standard Tape and Reel packaging for automatic insertion. Features: 1.8mm Dome Lens 2000 units per reel 30 deg reception angle Surface Mount Package High Photo Sensitivity Low Junction Capacitance
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Technical Specifications

  Light in Motion LLC
Product Category Phototransistors
Product Number QTLP660CPD
Product Name Surface Mount Miniature Phototransistor
Collector Current 1.8 milliamps
Power Dissipation 75 milliwatts
Operating Temperature -25 to 85 C (-13 to 185 F)
Phototransistor Type Phototransistor
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