Light in Motion LLC SMD 2mm Phototransistor Detector LIM363DFS

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SMD 2mm Phototransistor Detector - LIM363DFS - Light in Motion LLC
Milpitas, CA, USA
SMD 2mm Phototransistor Detector LIM363DFS
Description The LIM363DFS is a 2mm surface mountable package incorporating a phototransistor. The high dome lens focuses incident light resulting in a narrow 24o reception angle and an enhanced on axis sensitivity. Features 2mm Surface Mount Package 24° Reception angle Daylight Filter Tape & Reel Options Lead form Options Gullwing, Z-Bend RoHS compliant
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Technical Specifications

  Light in Motion LLC
Product Category Phototransistors
Product Number LIM363DFS
Product Name SMD 2mm Phototransistor Detector
Operating Temperature -25 to 85 C (-13 to 185 F)
Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage 5 volts
Collector Dark Current 100 nA
Fall Time 15000 ns
Package Type Tape and Reel
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