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Basic Materials & Chemicals - HDPE - LG Chemical of America Inc.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ, USA
Basic Materials & Chemicals HDPE
HDPE High Density Polyethylene Proven in the global market for its excellent processability and quality HDPE, which stands for high-density polyethylene, is a synthetic resin made by polymerizing ethylene. It is one of the most commonly used plastics in our life. It is highly resistant to impact and cold and is often used for a variety of containers and plastic boxes. LG Chem produces HDPE using the cutting-edge manufacturing system based on the low-pressure polymerization method and its superior processability and quality is fully recognized around the world. Product Classification Category Features Applications Blow Excellent processability and environmental stress cracking resistance Regular containers, food containers, road components and chemical containers, etc. Pipe Excellent weather resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance, and processability Hot water/heating floor pipe, drinking water pipe, water pipe, cable duct(ground cable duct, flexible conduit), drain pipe Injection Excellent mechanical strength and productivity Shipping and stacking box, beverage bottle box, bottle cap for carbonated drinks and bottled water High tenacity yarn Uniform drawability and excellent mechanical properties Fishing nets, ropes, tarpaulins
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  LG Chemical of America Inc.
Product Category Polymers and Plastic Resins
Product Number HDPE
Product Name Basic Materials & Chemicals
Type MoldingCompound; Thermoplastic
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