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Wallduct Medical Raceway System - WD -  - Legrand
West Hartford, CT, USA
Wallduct Medical Raceway System - WD
Walker Wallduct is a high capacity raceway for use in walls or ceilings. It can be mounted to the wall surface or flush with the wall to meet equipment layout and room designs. The lay-in feature for enclosure of wire and cable is ideal for use in healthcare rooms, under raised floors, or as a large capacity feeder for perimeter raceway. The cover plates are easily removed for wire and cable access. Wallduct can be used with Trenchduct to carry wire and cables from cabinets to egress points anywhere on the floor or wall. Aluminum Wallduct for applications requiring nonferrous metal raceways such as X-ray and MRI scan rooms is also available. Walker Wallduct is UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards. FEATURES Provides extra corrosion resistance and is easily painted to match any room interior. Interior couplings. Offer improved aesthetics when surface mounted. Complete line of fittings. Reduces field modifications by minimizing installation time and costs. AutoCAD ® capabilities for detailing project drawings. Provides high quality detailing information with the option of electronic communication for a quicker, more accurate exchange of information. Three standard widths. Provide cable and wire requirements for most applications.
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Product Category Wiring Ducts
Product Name Wallduct Medical Raceway System - WD
Material Aluminum
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