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West Hartford, CT, USA
Walkerduct Pro Series Underfloor Ducts - WKD
Walkerduct Pro Series Systems provide full capability to install Category 6, 5e and Fiber Optic Cabling and Connections in a flush service fitting. The preset provides maximum cable performance plus cable loop storage. Our flush service fittings also provide the benefits of bend radius features at the workstation. The factory installed preset also makes it easy to feed conduit, partition feeds, and other feeds directly out of the preset. 2" [51mm] IPS preset duct is also available for those applications where a flush activation is not required. FEATURES Duct is made of 16 gauge galvannealed steel with continuous seam weld construction. Makes for easy field cuts and prevents water seepage into the duct. Large bend radius into duct and around corners and elbows. Maintains integrity of fiber optic cable communications when changing direction of cable orientation. Flush activations for single-, double-, and triple-duct runs for both tiled and carpeted floors. Aesthetically pleasing activations in brass and nonmetallic provide easy access to power and telecommunication at each workstation. Activations accept Category 5e, UTP, STP, coaxial, audio, and fiber optics inserts. Front loaded snap-in inserts save installation time. Large oblong opening into duct. Allows easy hand access into the duct to pull wires. The opening provides enhanced bend radius when pulling cable. One-meter fiber or cable loop storage in preset. Allows easy access to cable to activate service fitting. Only junction box available offering square or round access cover plates. The flexibility to choose which style will provide the greatest aesthetic appearance for a particular tile or carpet application. Built-in tile trim. The square junction boxes include flangeless aluminum trim to accommodate 1/8" [3.2mm] thick tile. Saves money. Large preset. The preset has a large cubic inch capacity to allow easy access to wires and plenty of room for splicing and connections. Saves installation time. IMPORTANT! A minimum 1 1/2" [38mm] preset or afterset is required on Pro Series Underfloor Duct to support standard duplex receptacles and communication devices when using flush activations. The 1" [25mm] preset or afterset should be specified for pedestal style fittings or when cabling will be pulled through the activation point.
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Product Category Wiring Ducts
Product Name Walkerduct Pro Series Underfloor Ducts - WKD
Material Steel
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