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St. Joseph, MI, USA
Zircon Open Pour Crucibles
For more than 50 years, LECO has provided top-quality ceramic products to industries worldwide, such as technical ceramics, powdered metal (PM), metal injection molders (MIM), and foundry and investment casting. Designed to support sintering operations at temperatures up to 3200°F (1760°C), LECO products include setters, saggers, pusher plates, hearth plates, and kiln furniture. LECO ceramics are ideal for melting steel, aluminum, chromium, copper, iron, silver, manganese, nickel, ductile iron, gray iron, and cobalt-based metals. Each ceramic product goes through a rigorous testing cycle to ensure it meets our stringent in-house quality standards, and your exact specifications. Our high-quality raw materials and process control provide: Increased resistance to erosion Excellent thermal shock capability Additional refractory life Less slag build-up Choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes, plus a large selection of high-performance refractory materials, such as mullite, fused silica, zircon, alumina-SiC, mag-stabilized zirconia, and various purities of aluminum oxide. LECO welcomes custom orders.
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Technical Specifications

  LECO Corporation
Product Category Crucibles
Product Name Zircon Open Pour Crucibles
Thickness 0.380 to 0.630 inch (9.65 to 16 mm)
Material Types Zircon; Electric-Insulator; Porous material
Furnace / Atmosphere Air / Oxidizing
OD / Width 4.44 to 8.78 inch (113 to 223 mm)
Composition Zircon 95%, Clay 4.0%, Fe O 0.1%, TiO 0.3%
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