L-com, Inc. Server Rack Enclosure w/ Side Panels 42" Outside Depth 42U WMRK-4242SVR

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Server Rack Enclosure w/ Side Panels 42
North Andover, MA, United States
Server Rack Enclosure w/ Side Panels 42" Outside Depth 42U WMRK-4242SVR
The WMRK Series configured multi-vendor server rack enclosures are optimized for use with servers from leading manufacturers. These server racks are seismic certified to the following codes and standards: 2007 & 2010 CBC; 2006, 2009 & 2012 IBC; ASCE 7-05 (2005 Edition) & ASCE 7-10 (2010 Edition) and the 2006 & 2009 editions of NFPA 5000 for use in areas of high seismicity - Zone 4 or Seismic Design Category (SDC) "D". These server racks are designed for Mission Critical and/or High-Importance Installations in locations with the highest level of seismicity and top floor or rooftop installations including those within UBC and CBC Essential facilities or IBC, ASCE 7, and NFPA 5000 Seismic Use Group III facilities. For all codes, the Importance factor (Ip) is 1.5. Seismic Certified load capacity of 1,090 lbs. when used with WMRK-Z4 seismic floor anchor brackets. Features Standard front and rear adjustable cage nut style rail with Z-rail adapters to accommodate most server-slide kits Fully welded construction provides the following weight capacities: UL Listed load capacity: 2,500 lbs., Static load capacity: 10,000 lbs., Seismic certified capacity: 1,090 lbs. 24" overall width optimized for use on raised floors Designed to allow racks to be ganged when fully loaded Removable split bottom rear panel allows cable bundles to be easily passed over or under the WMRK’s standard key-locking split rear doors (standard on configured racks only) Application Data Centers Network Infrastructure LAN aggregation MDF installations
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  L-com, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Enclosures
Product Number WMRK-4242SVR
Product Name Server Rack Enclosure w/ Side Panels 42" Outside Depth 42U
Type Rack Enclosures
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