L-com, Inc. 14x12x07 Stainless Steel Weatherproof Outdoor IP24 NEMA 3R Enclosure, 120VAC Mount Plate, Solid State Therm. Power Saver Controlled Dual Fan NBSS141207-10FSD

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North Andover, MA, United States
14x12x07 Stainless Steel Weatherproof Outdoor IP24 NEMA 3R Enclosure, 120VAC Mount Plate, Solid State Therm. Power Saver Controlled Dual Fan NBSS141207-10FSD
This L-com box is a rugged weatherproof enclosure that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, and they can ship on the same day. Constructed from 16ga. Brushed 304 Stainless Steel that provides superior protection against corrosion, chemicals and wet conditions. The enclosure is constructed with UV protected and impact resistant material to ensure protection in any environment. The lid includes two vents with installed rain guards and filters. The integrated welded mounting flange allows the enclosure to be mounted directly to any flat wall surface provided proper screws are used into secure studs. The enclosure can also be mounted to a wide range of pole diameters with one of our optional pole mounting hardware kits. The fully gasketed lid features a 316 stainless steel removable hinge pin that allows for quick removal & reattachment with only a pair of pliers. The enclosure comes with a 304 stainless steel latch with padlock eye allowing you to secure the enclosure from tampering. Mounting Plate The aluminum mounting plate included with the L-com NBSS141207-10FSD features standard surge protected duplex 120 VAC outlets and a terminal block for easy hook up to the externally provided line power. The enclosure also features holes for two N-Bulkhead Lightning Protectors or Connectors, a grounding lug and cable conduit connector. Cooling To help ensure trouble-free operation of electronic equipment, proper operating temperatures inside an enclosure need to be controlled. With the built-in dual cooling fans, internal temperatures can be better maintained. This model is ideal in Hot environments. The “Power Saver” feature is designed to reduce electrical usage as well as extend the life of the fans which are controlled by our exclusive dual fan solid state controller. The relays provide independent control for each of the fans with two different turn-on temperatures. The relays also feature Zero Cross Detection for EMI reduction. For cooling, the L-com NBSS141207-10FS comes with two independently controlled 120 VAC 16.4W (32.8W total) cooling fans installed. The high airflow, low noise fans used allow warm air to be actively pushed out the top vent while the second fan on the lower vent when it turns on actively pulls in outside air into the enclosure. Filters for both ports prevent foreign objects or debris from entering the enclosure. The controller features improved temperature set point accuracy. The top fan has a turn-on temperature of 90° F (32° C). If the temperature continues to climb to 100°F (38°C), the lower fan turns on. When the temperature drops back to 91° F (33° C), the lower fan turns off. When the temperature drops to 81°F (27°C), the top fan turns off. The dual fan design offers energy efficiency. The cooling fans do not require the use of any of the AC outlets, leaving them all available for your equipment. The L-com HGX-PMT series of pole mounting kits allow the populated enclosure to be securely mounted to a variety of different size poles. Compatible versions include HGX-PMT13, HGX-PMT16, HGX-PMT28, HGX-PMT29, HGX-PMT30, & HGX-PMT33 Features 16ga. Brushed 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless steel latch with padlock eye NEMA Type 3R / IP24 rated Fully gasketed vented lid with filters, integral welded mounting flange & 316 Stainless steel hinge and removable pin Features aluminum mounting plate with surge protected duplex 120 VAC outlets & solid state power saver controlled Dual-Fan Control, each fan set to different temperature settings Application Electrical & Electronics Instruments, Controls & Components, Wireless LAN WiFi equipment Indoor and outdoor installations Rapid Deployment Installations EMI/RFI Sensitive environments/equipme nt Protection of equipment from theft or damage
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Technical Specifications

  L-com, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Enclosures
Product Number NBSS141207-10FSD
Product Name 14x12x07 Stainless Steel Weatherproof Outdoor IP24 NEMA 3R Enclosure, 120VAC Mount Plate, Solid State Therm. Power Saver Controlled Dual Fan
Length 14 inch (356 mm)
Ingress Protection(IP) Rating Against Foreign Objects 2
Material Steel - Stainless
Ingress Protection(IP) Rating Against Moisture 4
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