Kyocera Corporation Thin Film Capacitors 04023J0R9PBSTR\500

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Thin Film Capacitors - 04023J0R9PBSTR\500-ND - Digi-Key Electronics
Thief River Falls, MN, USA
Thin Film Capacitors 04023J0R9PBSTR\500-ND
CAP THIN FILM 0.9PF 25V 0402
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Thin Film Capacitor - 04023J0R9PBSTR5 - Richardson RFPD
Geneva, IL, United States
Thin Film Capacitor 04023J0R9PBSTR5
Accu-P® meets the fast-growing demand for low-loss (high-Q) capacitors for use in surface mount technology especially for the mobile communications market, such as cellular radio of 450 and 900 MHz, UHF walkie-talkies, UHF cordless telephones to 2.3 GHz, low noise blocks at 11-12.5 GHz and for other VHF, UHF and microwave applications. Accu-P® is currently unique in its ability to offer very low capacitance values (0.05pF) and very tight capacitance tolerances (±0.01pF). The RF power handling capability of the Accu-P® allows for its usage in both small signal and RF power applications. Thin Film Technology guarantees minimal batch to batch variability of parameters at high frequency. Inspection test and quality control procedures in accordance with ISO 9001, CECC, IECQ and USA MIL Standards yield products of the highest quality. Due to their construction utilizing relatively high thermal conductivity materials, Accu-P’s have become the preferred device in R & D labs and production environments where hand soldering is used.
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Technical Specifications

  Digi-Key Electronics Richardson RFPD
Product Category Capacitors Capacitors
Product Number 04023J0R9PBSTR\500-ND 04023J0R9PBSTR5
Product Name Thin Film Capacitors Thin Film Capacitor
Mounting Style Surface Mount Technology Tape and Reel
Operating Temperature -55 to 125 C (-67 to 257 F)
Configuration / Form Factor Chip Capacitor
Technology Film Capacitors Film Capacitors
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