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Large Surface Analyzer - LSA - Kruss USA
Matthews, NC, United States
Large Surface Analyzer LSA
Fully automatic measurements on many positions of large sample areas: Our Large Surface Analyzer – LSA combines a precise positioning robot with our Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA for measuring surface free energy within a second. The system is especially suitable for quality control of cleaned, pre-treated or coated large surfaces due to its easy handling and programming as well as high measuring speed. Measurement of surface free energy within a second The automatically moved MSA, with its ability to take measurements in less than one second, is the fastest mobile instrument on the market for determining surface free energy with two test liquids. It does this by means of a non-contact pressure dosing system that places two drops on the sample, followed by an automatic image analysis of each drop including contact angle measurement and SFE calculation. With our Large Surface Analyzer – LSA, these features are enhanced using the quick and precise positioning of the instrument between measurements. Tasks and applications Pre-treatment and coating of large components Cleaning and coating of glass surfaces Wetting analyses on printing plates Measuring methods and options Determining surface free energy with two test liquids Measuring contact angle Position-dependent measurements (mapping)
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  Kruss USA
Product Category Property Testing Equipment
Product Number LSA
Product Name Large Surface Analyzer
Display & Special Features PC Interface / Networkable
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