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Bubble Pressure Tensiometer - BPT Mobile - Kruss USA
Matthews, NC, United States
Bubble Pressure Tensiometer BPT Mobile
Industrial quality assurance is about reliability, speed, and ease of use. When it comes to regular checks of the cleaner or wetting agent content in a bath, our Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BPT Mobile is prepared for these demands. Checking your bath with our BPT Mobile Immerse – click – read out: Capture the surfactant content of your bath within seconds using surface tension with our BPT Mobile. The quality inspector using it knows immediately if the bath is okay thanks to an ad-hoc evaluation. Moreover, for proactive adjustment of the bath, the BPT Mobile shows how the surfactant content decreases over time due to removed parts, for example. Quality at a touch With the intuitive touch display, working with the BPT Mobile is almost like doing quality tests with a smartphone. Thanks to the large display, functions are easy to hit – even with lab gloves. Programmed measurement templates and the fact that the instrument is insensitive to changing immersion depths provide for user-independent quality control. Includes all software it needs Our BPT Mobile works independently from a computer or the power grid and is simply recharged via USB. Up to 20 million results find room in a clear, customizable folder structure. The display shows all necessary graphical representations and makes evaluation in other software obsolete – yet possible thanks to a fast data export to Excel. Tasks and applications Checking the content of cleaner or wetting agent in a bath is an important QC task in many industrial processes: Cleaning as a preparation step before coating or bonding Electroplating Coating of solar cells Etching, e.g. for circuit boards Measuring methods and options Bubble Pressure method: SFT is measured using the internal pressure of a bubble at an immersed capillary Monitoring at a single surface age with evaluation based on predefined limits Continuous measurement of SFT while changing the concentration Determination of the SFT dependent on surface age between 10 and 30,000 ms Temperature measurement and documentation
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  Kruss USA
Product Category Property Testing Equipment
Product Number BPT Mobile
Product Name Bubble Pressure Tensiometer
Methods, Technology & Standards Bubble Pressure
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