KPM Analytics Benchtop NIR Moisture Analyzer SpectraStar™ XT-R


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Benchtop NIR Moisture Analyzer - SpectraStar™ XT-R - KPM Analytics
Westborough, MA, United States
Benchtop NIR Moisture Analyzer SpectraStar™ XT-R
Product Overview Our Premiere Bench NIR Analyzer. Examine Virtually any Sample Type in About 30 Seconds. The SpectraStar™ XT-R is the premier benchtop near-infrared (NIR) analyzer with the capability to analyze virtually any sample type including solid, slurry, or liquid samples for a wide variety of parameters. It measures common parameters include moisture, protein, and fat, but the SpectraStar XT-R can also measure more difficult parameters like sugars, fibers, ash, lignin, and fatty acids. Features include: A dual detector design and patented data processing algorithms across an extended wavelength coverage for outstanding performance on a wide variety of sample types and applications With a sealed case, as well as a built-in computer with touch screen operation, the SpectraStar™ XT-R is ready for at-line or laboratory applications in the food, agricultural and industrial sectors. Rapid results in under 1 minute facilitates rapid feedback to production managers for optimizing production and reducing waste. All SpectraStar™ XT analyzers are operated by UScan™, a software package incorporating an intuitive graphical interface and a reliable SQL database for data management. Designed for ease-of-use, routine operators can be completely trained in 15 minutes to deliver accurate, operator-independent results. TheSpectraStar™ XT patented TRUE ALIGNMENT® Spectroscopy (TAS) is an easy-to-use technology to precisely align and monitor the instrument calibration to certified optical standards for reliable results over time and across analyzers. Features Available with calibrations from Unity, and also industry-leading Ingot calibrations from Aunir™ for a wide variety of sample types and constituents. Stand-alone design with built-in computer for easy implementation Sealed case for use at-line in production environments Designed for ease-of-use; only minimal training required for routine operators Advanced sample management and reporting features makes the analyzer lab-ready Sealed case with 17” touch screen monitor for easy operation in laboratories or at-line on the production floor Windows® 10 Professional computer with SSD provides easy integration into computer networks Benefits Improve process control and final product quality for a wide variety of parameters Analyze fibers, sugars, fatty acids, starch, and other difficult constituents, as well as moisture, protein, and fat Easy-to-use with graphical interface and modular configuration, requiring minimal training for routine operators Minimal sample preparation required Environmentally friendly; requires minimal energy use with no hazardous chemicals or waste Save costs and reduce waste, which improves your company’s bottom line
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Technical Specifications

  KPM Analytics
Product Category Moisture Meters
Product Number SpectraStar™ XT-R
Product Name Benchtop NIR Moisture Analyzer
Form Factor Analyzer
Variables Measured Moisture Content
Moisture Content Accuracy 0.2000 ±%
Technology Infrared
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